Anime Sculpt

Lead Character Sculptor

Lead Character Sculptor

Robot Chicken, Robot Chicken Star Wars, Moral Orel, My Name Is Earl: Stop Motion Puppet Fabricator

Stop Motion Fabricator: Armature builder, Sculptor, Painter, and Final Fabrication including dressing, fur, flocking, and painting.

Jar Jar Binks: Fabricator and Painter - Sculpted the head and hinge mouth; Painted entire puppet

Two of the "fans" made for Star Wars Episode 1 - Fabricator and Costume Designer

Regular Season RC - Ghost Rider clip - Fabricator and hand sculpted the skull head

Regular Season RC - MythBusters clip - Fabricator

Regular Season RC - A Doctor - Fabricator (one of the many generic characters made for regular season)

Moral Orel: Fabricator and Painter

My Name is Earl episode: Robbed A Stoner Blind - Fabricator and Painter

Animals pitch test - Fabricator, Sculpted body and wings, Painter

My Name is Earl set

Here are just a few of the hundreds of puppets that I have worked on over the past few seasons!

Titan Maximum: Head & Hair Sculpts