Ogre Maquette and Character Study

Character Designer and Sculptor: Concept study of an ogre creature. I am now digitally sculpting him in Zbrush. More to come later....

Concept Art and Look Development for Lulu Blu

Here are some concept designs for The Misadventures of Karen Sue and Lulu Blu! Enjoy!

Puppet Digital Artist on Frankenhole

Finally, I can post pictures for Frankenhole! It has premiered! Tune in Sundays on Cartoon Network Adult Swim 12:30 am. Below are the digital face templates for a few of the characters. These templates were designed and folded around specific head types to make the awesome looking paper folded heads of each character.

Concept Art for The Misadventures of Karen Sue and Lulu Blu

More to come soon... but here's the latest concept sketch of Lulu Blu! Enjoy!